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Y’ALL December 29, 2018

Posted by daveintexas in Crime, Ducks, Fashion, Godzilla, Handblogging, Man Laws, News, Sex, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Women Ranting.


So my youngest got me these simple things. They clip on my glasses. They came in a case and when I first looked at em I said “why would cheap clip on sunglasses come in a case?”

Well as it turns out they are not cheap clip on sunglasses. They help people who can’t see some colors see them. In case you can’t see, there is supposed to be a smile in that pic. I can’t see it, can you?

Anyway for the first time in my life I can see red and green. It’s amazing. I don’t have the words to describe it well but I get more why we like Christmas. It’s kinda of prettier than I thought it was, and I did the Crap Tree for 20 years not knowing how good it really looked.


1. Jimbro - December 30, 2018

File under Christmas Miracle, welcome to the color seeing world Dave

2. Cathy - December 30, 2018

Happy for you!

Seen some of the videos of peeps who put theirs on for the first time…

So. Dave…

Did you cry?

3. geoff - December 30, 2018

Very cool. Plus you wrote a post for the second time this year!

4. daveintexas - December 30, 2018

I forgot to add tags

No Cathy I didn’t cry I had allergies and shit

5. lauraw - December 31, 2018

He’ll cry for great presents like that if you also drop a brick on his foot.

6. Retired Geezer - December 31, 2018

Don’t forget scary power tools or construction vehicles.

7. geoff - December 31, 2018

…or finding a sewage line running through his swimming pool site.

8. daveintexas - January 1, 2019

>> He’ll cry for great presents like that if you also drop a brick on his foot.

That’s how you know I have feelings

RG I am doing electrical shit today!

Geoff, you remember!


Love y’all

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