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Our Much-Maligned Site January 3, 2019

Posted by geoff in News.

Bunk Strutts pointed out that the Web of Trust has Innocent Bystanders listed as an unsavory site. I don’t know much about this Web of Trust malarkey, but apparently Facebook users see our rating before they click on a link to this site. Plus people load Web of Trust Add-ons to their browsers so they can check our evility before visiting.

Here’s the rating they see:


Why do they think it’s an unsafe site? Here’s the uninformative graphic they offer.


Tough to figure how a WordPress site is going to be plagued with malware or viruses, and our adult content is pretty weak.

You can contrast our 2.5 rating with Ace’s rating of 4.4 and H2’s rating of 3.3 to see that the ranking was probably been manipulated by some liberal site in days of yore. This speculation is based on bfunke’s comment 8 years past:

I can’t figure out what would have earned us anybody’s animus back then – from what I can see, late November/early December 2011 were very banal months for posting. No comment wars, hardly any political posts, not that many posts altogether.

If you’ve the time and energy, you might consider entering an honest rating for Innocent Bystanders. Not sure how much it’ll take to move the needle, but might as well try.


1. geoff - January 3, 2019

Also, I added Bunk’s site to the sidebar.

2. jam2 - January 3, 2019

The hostages got a better rating!!!???!

3. jam2 - January 3, 2019

*makes note to self to up my game*

*makes appropriate entry into cob’s personnel files about failure to uphold expected standards with recommendation to dock pay*

4. jam2 - January 3, 2019

Ohhh boy – wiser’s gonna be pissed.

5. geoff - January 3, 2019

I was reading one fellow’s tale of woe about his purchase of a site. He updated the site with his own content, but couldn’t get the bad Web of Trust rating reset. He said that to get the rating to change, you have to go to the forum and beg people to rate your site positively. When he did that, a bunch of yahoos from the forum went and tanked his site.

He also said that Web of Trust weights the ratings by how many ratings a member has done. So it can take a hundred ratings by plain folk to balance a single rating by a heavyweight.

TLDR: We’re doomed.

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