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“I’m Saving You From Depression!!” he ejaculated. January 14, 2019

Posted by geoff in News.

Via Instapundit, we have good news for guys and gals:

New Research: Semen May Actually Cure Depression in Women

A study led by University of Albany Psychology Professor Gordon Gallup found that among females having sex, those women who did not use condoms showed fewer signs of depression, leading to speculation that when semen is absorbed through the vagina, it may have an effect on women’s moods.

Now the scientist in me says that this is a complete crock.

But the man in me (phrasing!?!) says that the scientist should shut the hell up.

Because now we fellas can claim that sex is therapy, and that lack of sex is psychologically dangerous.

Which means it’s time for some good old preventive medicine.


1. geoff - January 21, 2019

While it may benefit those with depression, ya doesn’t want to use it for backpain:

A man’s unusual treatment for his chronic back pain: Injecting himself with his own semen every month

2. Sobek - January 21, 2019

Geoff, my best guess on that one is something like this: I’ve heard of stem cells, stem cells have something to do with primitive or early development cells, sperm cells must be like stem cells, stem cells solve problems, so sperm cells must also solve problems.

Or maybe I’m being far too generous about how much thought went into that decision.

3. geoff - January 22, 2019

Whatever his rationale, I think he effed himself over.

Nyuk, nyuk.

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