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You Can Take My Chair From My Cold Dying Posterior January 14, 2019

Posted by geoff in News.

Bad news to someone who’s sitting here writing this:

Sitting For Too Long Could Increase Your Risk of Dying – Even if You Exercise

Are you sitting down? Then you may want to stand up to read this, as research from the US has found that sitting for too long could increase your risk of dying – even if you exercise.

The study found that both total sedentary time and sedentary duration were associated with a higher risk of death. The greatest risk was found in those who spent more than 12.5 hours a day being sedentary and when bouts persisted for longer than ten minutes at a time.

Can’t sit for more than 10 minutes at a time? Are the internet end times coming?

Well, while I can see that being sedentary isn’t doing anybody any good, health-wise, there’s a major caveat to the study:

…activity data was only collected for one week…


I think I’ll remain seated for the moment.

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