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2nd-to-Last Employment Post February 8, 2019

Posted by geoff in News.

Been swamped with work lately, so little time for blogging. Seems like the better the economy is doing, the less time we have to blog, but when it’s hurting, we have plenty of time to whine online.

Anyway, I’m a week late in getting the employment graph out. The data is a little weird this month, because the Bureau for Labor Statistics made some major changes in the population estimates (they disappeared 800K people).


A little downtick, but well above 0.5. Here’s the big picture, going back to 1990:

Gotta warn you guys: I’ve been tracking employment for almost 10 years (started in April ’09 with The Chart), and I think I’m going to put it to bed next month, making it exactly 10.

Try to stifle your sniffles.


1. Cathy - February 8, 2019

Glad you’re swamped, Geoff. Work and income are good stuff.

I giggled at “whine-online” and like that turn of a phrase. Kudos.

2. geoff - February 8, 2019

We will post no online whine before its time.

Cathy - February 8, 2019

Whine-online. Wimmins. And song.

3. lauraw - February 9, 2019

They disappeared 800K people? Whuh? Why?

4. NannyG - February 12, 2019

Could those 800,000 be new retirees?
I know a lot of folks held off on retiring under Obama.
Your work on these charts was appreciated and will be missed, but it’s totally understandable.

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