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Legal Jeopardy, the Harvard Way May 14, 2019

Posted by geoff in News.

The recent idiocy by Harvard’s dean in removing Ronald Sullivan from his post as faculty dean reminded me of a made-for-TV movie from over 30 years ago:

Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami (1988)

An Arab terrorist is smuggled out of West Beirut by American secret forces, he is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and killing five innocent people including a five-year-old child. An unprecedented trial commences as he is charged under a new Federal statute declaring murder of American civilians overseas a felony. Resnick, a Law Professor at a prestigious university hasn’t fought a case in years. But he is one of the all time best defense lawyers in the country. He hesitantly takes the case. A battle between two of the most brilliant legal minds in the country gets underway in a trial intended as a showcase for American justice.

At the time I started from the viewpoint of “WTF? Fry the guy!,” but eventually appreciated the necessity of a fair trial with proper defense for everybody.

Even Robert Davi as an evil terrorist.

And even Harvey Weinstein, who is an evil sexual predator but does not play one on TV.

Harvard should have used this as a teachable moment, celebrating the power of the concept of American justice. Instead they cravenly opted to honor mob rule by children.

They should lose their law accreditation, and it should be a crime to penalize a lawyer for taking on a client.


1. Sobek - May 15, 2019

Someone needs to explain how the law works to to Harvard Law School.

2. lauraw - May 15, 2019

Presumption of innocence is no longer a thing. We try people in the press, now.

3. Sobek - May 16, 2019

As God intended.

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