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Re-winged Blackbird June 22, 2019

Posted by Sobek in News.


I did this in an airport during a layover today.


1. vaitguy - June 22, 2019

Very pretty, thanks for sharing your talent. RWBBs have such a distinct and joyful song.

2. Sobek - June 22, 2019

We have a lot of them by my house. They’re really pretty. They’re also fearless and highly territorial.

3. Retired Geezer - June 22, 2019

Fun Factoid: The Discovery Channel Theme Song was the RWBB song set to music.

Not even kidding.

Good job, Sobek.

4. lauraw - June 25, 2019

The much-happier sequel to ‘De-Winged Blackbird,’ of course.

5. Sobek - June 26, 2019

Huh. Has it been like that the whole time, or is someone messing with me?

6. lauraw - June 26, 2019

Dunno, I just happened to spot it one day. I think our brains have been filling in the missing letter for us.

7. Sobek - June 26, 2019

Well, I’m not changing it now.

8. geoff - June 27, 2019

The much-happier sequel to ‘De-Winged Blackbird,’ of course.

…and more lively than ‘Pre-Winged Blackbird.’

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