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The Intermittent Fasting Thing July 17, 2019

Posted by skinbad in Food, Personal Experiences.

It seems I’ve been around a lot of diets and dieting lately. I guess it’s part of the age of my peers. I had a wake-up call late February (nothing serious–just “Holy shit, when did that happen?”) and decided to try intermittent fasting. Retired Geezer gave a little boost with a comment that it was easy and he had lost a few pounds. I’ve dropped thirty pounds since then and am as surprised as anyone because I’ve never really watched what I eat and I don’t have a lot of will-power. I’m just saying it because what R.G. said helped me, so maybe if someone needs a boost, it might help you to know if I can do it, you probably can too (if you want to). I’ve noticed people who have a new “life style” often want to evangelize on it quite a bit. That’s not what I’m after. There is tons of information on the interweb and YouTube in particular. I’ll answer questions in the comments if anyone has any.


1. skinbad - July 17, 2019

I’ll also be setting up a gofundme for new cargo pants.

2. lauraw - July 17, 2019

So what did you do?

3. Retired Geezer - July 18, 2019

Congratulations Skinbad, glad it worked so well for you.

I first heard about it when Ace tried it. Seemed to work for him and it worked for me.

Basically you fast for 16 hours a day. I usually do it from 8pm until noon the next day.
You’re sleeping for half that time anyway and we don’t usually eat breakfast.

It triggers your metabolism to burn your excess fat.
You can eat whatever you want but we tried to not be stupid.
Easiest diet ever.

4. skinbad - July 18, 2019

*Evangelize Mode Activated*

Decided to eat between 12:30 and 7:30. I’ve cut fast food quite a bit (including soda), but haven’t eliminated anything. Just less of it. Try to walk/bike more, but I’m not doing a lot–maybe 2-3 miles most days. Think more “lean and green.” Lean protein and green veggies and less bread/sugar. I’m not “counting” anything, but I do notice calories and try to avoid ridiculous amounts (I’m looking at you, french fries). I started at low 230s lbs and hit 200 this week, which I really never thought I would see (again). It took a couple of weeks before anything started happening, so give it some time and don’t get discouraged if you try it. Also, don’t forget to drink water during the no eating times. I got dehydrated on weekends a couple of times because I was working in the heat and not drinking.

If you watch videos for tips, lots of people seem to try to push you to keto or one meal/day along with the fasting idea, so decide who you want to listen to. I think if you did combine keto with it you would really drop. I’ve lost in the 6-7 lbs/month range. I’ll add some thoughts later (you asked for it!). As I said, R.G. was helpful. The other IB guys just recommended chain-smoking and furious masturbation.

5. skinbad - July 18, 2019

Thanks, R.G. I was typing while you posted. When I started I was often looking for something sweet before the “eating window” closed at 7:30, but now I’m usually done with dinner by 6:30 or so and I’m just done for the night. So it gets easier to “shrink the window” at least for me.

6. lauraw - July 18, 2019

The idea that people should eat 1) breakfast, and 2) many small meals spread out evenly all around the clock, are arguably two of the most disastrous dietary ideas ever distributed through our population. I work with people who can’t seem to go two hours without having to get some kind of meal or snack and they think they’re being healthy; meanwhile they weigh a ton and are getting knees replaced. As health care workers they are mystified, because they do everything ‘right;’ low-fat, whole grains, eat breakfast, small meals eaten often, etc., it’s terrible what is happening to so many people from this.

The more I’ve read about going long periods between meals, the more health bennies I learn. Cleans out your liver, mops up redundant structures in your cells, fights cancer, eliminates insulin resistance and metabolic disease, etc. It’s what our bodies were made to do.

I’m about ten pounds lighter than I was a couple years ago. Feel ok, could be a little slimmer but I’m not stressing over it. If I went back to keto I guess I could be thinner, but my husband can’t love me more than he does, and I have enough energy and strength to do the things I want to do.

7. lauraw - July 18, 2019

I think the reason I’m holding steady at this weight now is because of my work schedule. I’m eating two meals a day; noon and midnight, lol. I don’t eat at work. I need to change that.

8. Retired Geezer - July 18, 2019

I bought the keto test strips but I don’t think I ever reached that stage. Got tired of testing and didn’t worry about it.

9. Cathy - July 20, 2019

Thanks, Skinny, for posting this. Took Keto Cleanse class about a year ago and this fasting stuff was brought up — a lot of people were doing it at the same time they were doing Keto and getting great results.

Glad you like the results — both Geezer and Skinny.

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