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Sobek and Skinbad took Dave fishing. July 20, 2019

Posted by Retired Geezer in News.

They sure were cute, 30 years ago.



1. Sobek - July 20, 2019

Beware of sharks: as true today as it was 30 years ago. Good times.

2. Bunk Strutts - July 28, 2019

He’s tasting the fish and the fish is tasting him back.

3. Bunk Strutts - July 28, 2019

The Moment Of Realization Haiku:
A toddler tastes a live fish.
Fish tastes the boy back.
His hands enhance the story.

4. Bunk Strutts - July 28, 2019

I wanna steal & repost that photo, with linky, but I think I should ask permission first.

5. Fish Faces :D :D :O & Sudden Realization Haiku | Tacky Raccoons - August 5, 2019

[…] [Images found here.] […]

6. Bunk Strutts - August 7, 2019

Okay I did it. I gave y’all heads up. That’s an awesome photo.

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