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Some more pics of stuff July 22, 2019

Posted by Sobek in News.


I made this for my niece, because she likes pink.


My brother asked me to do a badger or a wolverine. I entertained the idea of doing Hugh Jackman or a young Patrick Swayze, but I’m not great at portraits, and it wasn’t worth it. Plus, I really like this badger.


My son drew a picture and titled it “Bird,” then asked me to color it, so I did. 20190722_114026

My daughter wanted to paint a bird, so I drew her an outline and she did the coloring.


My wife and I went for a hike in southern Utah and we came across a few meadows in the mountains. This one was full of bluebells and sego lilies, the latter of which is the state flower of Utah. The petals are apparently translucent enough that you can see the yellow-orange inside from the outside base.


1. Cathy - July 23, 2019


2. lauraw - July 26, 2019

You have a daughter now??

3. Sobek - July 27, 2019

Yeah, she’s three.

4. Sobek - July 28, 2019
5. lauraw - July 31, 2019

How did I forget this??

Well, it was a rough patch for me then, Iirc. Stressy as all get out.

6. Sobek - July 31, 2019

No worries. She’s cute as a button, and also knows she has me wrapped around her finger.

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