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The Racism Trap October 9, 2019

Posted by geoff in News.

Just reading Campus Reform’s article on San Diego City College’s flyer for their “Confronting White Supremacy through the Arts” event (H/T to Instapundit). The flyer included this graphic:
There are obvious and detestable incidences of racism (Housing Discrimination, Hiring Discrimination, etc.) mixed in with ridiculous items such as “But we’re all just one human family.”

But trying to sum up the the philosophy of the graphic, I come to these conclusions:

  • A non-POC cannot contest any points made by the racism cottage industry, or you’re a racist
  • There is no solution to racism, because the racism cottage industry is about browbeating, not racial harmony

Note the way the points in the graphic fence the non-POC individual in:

  • You can’t try to help (“Self-appointed White Ally”; “White Savior Complex”)
  • You can’t try to treat everybody equally (“Colorblindness”)
  • You can’t try to enjoy/integrate other cultures (“Cultural Appropriation”)

So all of the paths to a solution are cut off. Even trying to propose a solution makes you a racist.

The only “solution” that the racites seem to entertain is perpetual racial navel-gazing on a finer and finer scale, accompanied by wealth transfer based on race.

That approach means that there will never be a solution to racism.


1. Jimbro - October 9, 2019

So all of the paths to a solution are cut off. Even trying to propose a solution makes you a racist.
Uh, hello … suicide?

/sarcasm obviously

2. Cathy - October 9, 2019

“What the Left fears more than anything are white people and black people coming together and loving their country. This is why they are doing absolutely everything in their power to inspire a race war. Class and racial warfare are essential to their party platform.”

Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO)

3. Cathy - October 9, 2019

Dallas is currently in the throes with this ‘Trap.’ A white female cop shoots a decent, god-fearing Black man in his own apartment because she thought she was entering her apartment after a long day on the Police force. She admits she did it and admits — given she thought she was in her own home — that she intended to kill him. She also openly displays her guilt and sorrow and openly states that she wishes it was she that died and not him and that she doesn’t know how she is going to live with this, and that she knows every day of her life she will be dealing with what she did. The jury finds her guilty of murder and sentences her to 10 years.

You’d think everything would settle down… But black activists run from the courtroom and begin yelling and carrying on in the halls and eventually in the streets about no justice because the sentence wasn’t long enough.

HOWEVER… the little brother of Botham Jean, the murdered man, speaks at the sentencing hearing and FORGIVES Amber, that he LOVES her and wants to give her a hug. He asks the judge, a Black woman, if he may give her a hug and after a pause, the judge permits it.

The goings-on the the streets was not violent BECAUSE of the little brother’s words and proclamation of his faith.

When court is no longer in session, the Judge takes time with Amber and says some amazing things. Amber asks for a hug from the judge, and she pauses and then gives her a hug. The Judge encourages Amber to find forgiveness from God, similar to what Botham Jean’s brother had said. Amber says she has no Bible, and the judge offers to give her one of hers (she owns several others but the one she gives her is the one she uses most.)

HOWEVER… now the ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’ is complaining and bringing charges against the judge. Yeah. They just can’t stop themselves.

You think it’s over…?


One of the witnesses, a black guy and neighbor of the murdered Botham Jean, was ALSO murdered near his new apartment just a few days after the trial. The race-baiters screamed that it was a racist act, and probably done by the police in retribution for the conviction of Amber, the woman cop. In fact, one of the disgusting race-baiters, without any knowledge of the details, said that he was shot in the mouth and head as a punishment (by the cops) for witnessing for the prosecution against the lady cop.


Yesterday, we learned that this neighbor of Botham Jean, whose bullet wounds were NO WHERE NEAR where the race-baiter said, was shot during one of his drug-deals gone bad by 3 other black men from Louisiana. The truth…? Black on Black Crime during a crime, a drug deal.

So… you think this would settle things down…? NO WAY!!

Last night, was the first meeting with the Dallas Police Chief, Renee Hall (a black woman) and the newly formed citizens’ advisory board. Yeah. That’s a great idea! Let’s get a bunch of uninformed angry people making judgments about police work and getting all riled up in the process! The ‘members’ of this board got so rowdy that the meeting was terminated, and the police chief Hall called them “Animals.”

Dallas used to be a nice place. Many of us are afraid that’s gone for good now.


4. Cathy - October 9, 2019

FYI. I left Dallas County years ago. And I’m moving again — further north and west.

5. Retired Geezer - October 9, 2019

Cathy, your #3 comment was great.
Further norther and wester is Idaho.

6. Bunk Strutts - October 14, 2019

Ditto that, Cathy.

Now how do we get you peeps off the unwarranted WOT warning list?

7. Bunk Strutts - October 14, 2019

As someone not connected to this blog, I sent in a complaint to WOT on your behalf. We’ll see what happens.

8. Bunk Strutts - October 14, 2019

I told WOT that you were all socialists, not racist xenophobic capitalsts, and that you’re all Bernie-Jaques-supporters.

Okay, maybe I didn’t say that, but we’ll see where it goes.

9. geoff - October 15, 2019

I sent in a complaint a while back as well, but never got a response.

10. Bunk Strutts - October 15, 2019

I got this response:

“Your request (17566) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Best Regards,”

I replied, but I don’t recall exactly what I sent. I think I told them that you were all homos and that xenophobes were attacking you. I’m working the victim-status line. 😀

11. Bunk Strutts - October 16, 2019

WOT Team (WOT Services)

Oct 16, 13:25 EEST

Thanks for reaching out.

WoT as a company does not evaluate websites, our community does.
You’re welcome to join our forum and make a request to our community to help review this website and share their insights with you via https://forum.mywot.com/reputation-discussions-f5/

WOT Team

Be safe on the go with WOT apps
Android: http://bit.ly/2Hdl1V2
iOS: https://apple.co/2EINPDa

12. geoff - October 21, 2019

Wow. That’s hugely irresponsible. A group of opinionated little sh*ts organizes a swarm attack*, abusing the power of WOT, and they do nothing.

*Still have no idea why. We didn’t have any controversial posts when they swarmed us.

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