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Christmas Owl is Silently Judging You December 22, 2019

Posted by Sobek in News.

20191222_155507Christmas Owl thinks your plan to start a new diet after New Year’s Day is naive and unrealistic.


1. Sobek - December 22, 2019

Although, to be fair, Christmas Owl likes to eat poisonous centipedes, so maybe adjust your expectations of the quality of his advice accordingly.

2. Sobek - December 22, 2019

Christmas Owl thinks you should have put more thought into some of those gifts.

3. Jimbro - December 22, 2019
4. Sobek - December 22, 2019


5. Sobek - December 22, 2019

Fun fact: the owl in that story was an Eastern Screech Owl, while Christmas Owl is a Western Screech Owl. The biggest difference between the two is the three Western Screech Owl likes Tupac, while the Eastern Screech Owl knows he had it comin’.

6. lauraw - December 22, 2019

Another difference between the two is that when you flush an Eastern Screech Owl down the toilet, it swirls clockwise down the drain, while the Western Screech Owl sits in the corner of the bathroom, defecating in place and shooting heroin straight into its eyeballs.

7. Sobek - December 22, 2019

That’s the thing about owls: the eyeballs are so big that they are an attractive target for an injection site no matter high they get.

But it really messes with night vision, which is why so many end up helpless junkies. So sad…

8. Bunk Strutts - December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas to y’all from a semi-regular eyeballer of this site.

9. Sobek - December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas, Bunk. Don’t let Christmas Owl’s baleful gaze get you down.

10. Sobek - December 30, 2019

Christmas Owl knows how much you had to drink last night.

11. Jimbro - December 31, 2019

Does Christmas Owl monitor NYE festivities too?

12. Sobek - January 1, 2020

Christmas Owl knows that silent judgment isn’t just for one day a year.

13. lauraw - January 1, 2020

Then why is it “Christmas” owl?

*folds arms, tilts head, does the whole bitchy ‘Gotcha’ facial expression*

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