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I Prefer the Bond “Q” January 14, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

Never heard tell of this Q bizness until very recently. An article at American Thinker gives some background:

An Introduction to Q

Who is Q? What is Q? And, perhaps most importantly, why is Q? …

Q first appeared in October 2017 on an anonymous online forum called 4Chan, posting messages that implied top-clearance knowledge of upcoming events. More than 3,000 messages later, Q has created a disturbing, multi-faceted portrait of a global crime syndicate that operates with impunity.

Here’s the way it works: Q posts messages (also known as “drops” or “crumbs”) on an anonymous online forum, which are discussed, analyzed, and critiqued by the board’s inhabitants. (The forum has changed a few times after massive online attacks.) Hundreds of social media accounts then spread Q’s latest posting to worldwide followers who share their research, analysis, and interpretations of Q’s latest information.

I read the article and followed some of the supporting links, and so far as I can tell, this is all batsh*t crazy. I mean seriously certifiable.

That’s my take, but I’m willing to listen to evidence to the contrary.


1. Jimbro - January 15, 2020

I’ve heard about this going back a few years and references to “Q” or “QAnon” show up on the web now and then. I’ve always thought of it as a source of conspiracy theories. The problem with conspiracy theories is that a very small number of them are found to be real much later. After reading your post and thinking about it more I’m wondering if this is freaks living in their parent’s basements or government agents purposely keeping things weird.

2. Sobek - January 15, 2020

It can be both…

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