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Red-tailed Hawk February 2, 2020

Posted by Sobek in News.



1. lauraw - February 3, 2020

That must have been a juicy pizza!

2. Retired Geezer - February 3, 2020

West of Camp Geezer (c), are the world famous power lines. We usually see a pair of those red-tailed hawks sitting on the poles.

3. Sobek - February 3, 2020

Laura, you’re closer to right than you think.

I am still not very good at identifying birds of prey, but I’m working on it. I figured out red-tailed hawks when I realized there are a lot of then around my neighborhood. I decided to celebrate by drawing one.

After I finished my drawing, I thought I needed more contrast, and instead of using darker pencils i got out my black paint. My son saw me painting and decided to join me. He painted something orange. When he went to clean his brush, he shook it and got two spots of orange paint on my bird.

I told him there’s no such thing as a mistake if it looks like you did it on purpose, and then I splattered more orange paint on it.

I set it on a cabinet to dry. When I came back later, I saw the shadow of a decorative tree was cast over the bird and thought it looked really cool. So I painted the shadow on there, trying to get it to look like out of focus branches in the foreground.

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