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Start Spreading the Flus March 29, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

Well, not the flu, exactly. Plotted up COVID-19 deaths by state for states with 15 or more deaths. From this you can see how New York is dominating the statistics:

New York represents 40% of the nation’s deaths to date. New York City proper is responsible for 3/4 of New York’s deaths. So what does the trend look like for NYC? Here’s what NYC Health says (I stole this chart from their Daily Data Summary):

So basically no end in sight.


1. Cathy - March 30, 2020

Very sad what is happening. I just heard that though there is a reduction in many types of crime like street crime, BUT domestic abuse directed at the wives, girlfriends, and other mates, AND the children — has skyrocketed. I’ve now heard that from two reliable sources, the police departments and from family social services organizations with whom I associate. So sad.

2. Sobek - March 30, 2020

FWIW, I’ve not seen anything like that, Cathy. But that’s purely anecdotal and meaningless.

Cathy - March 30, 2020

Yeah, Sobek. I get it. I don’t sense that at this point in time we can trust much of what we hear. Thanks.

3. Bunk Strutts - March 30, 2020

I heard that due to social-distancing and self-confinement that NYC sewers are now free of alligators.

4. Sobek - April 3, 2020

There are still alligators, but they stay six feet away from each other.

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