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Christopher Steele: Lying Dirtbag April 24, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

If you ever wondered if Christopher Steele (he of the infamous Trump dossier) was full of it, ponder this:

Christopher Steele says his computer records for research to write a Democratic Party-financed anti-Donald Trump dossier no longer exist.

According to a December report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Mr. Steele relied heavily on an unnamed “primary sub-source” in Russia, presumedly in Moscow close to Kremlin operations.

The Horowitz report says that the FBI located the source in January 2017 who told agents he was merely repeating Moscow gossip to Mr. Steele, not corroborated facts.

Mr. Steele responded at the time through his Washington lawyers that his source did not tell him the material was gossip. He said he kept meticulous records of their conversations.

But in the deposition, Mr. Steele said of such records, “They no longer exist.”

Now, I am not someone who traffics in classified or highly sensitive information for a living. And I am terribly unorganized. But I still have computer documents and emails going back 25 years, all of which are backed up on my 3 computers and several external hard drives.

So hearing this fellow say that his “meticulous records” were wiped, records that could possibly have meant additional revenue for him, records that could provide a legal defense for him…

Hearing that those records were wiped means that he’s a lying dirtbag who’s trying to escape culpability for trying to influence a presidential election.


1. lauraw - April 28, 2020

New info in Ace’s post indicating that Steele met with the Clinton campaign and thus his ‘sources’ were also paying him to produce the dossier, should put an end to this asshole. It won’t, but it should.

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