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Craving Tuesday May 23, 2020

Posted by geoff in COVID-19, News.

Moved up to Fort Collins, CO a few months ago, eagerly anticipating exploring the plethora of interesting restaurants and bars in Old Town. Then COVID-19 crushed my dreams as we all started cowering-in-place. Number of restaurants and bars explored?


However, the governor has stated that on Monday he’ll be deciding if restaurants and bars can reopen. Based on what I can see of Colorado’s COVID-19 stats, I’ll be bending an elbow at a pub by Tuesday:

Of course, most reopening plans call for restrictions to < 50% capacity, and most restaurants require > 75% capacity to survive. So we’ll have to see if this is a reopening in name only, without a practical path to economic viability.

But I pledge to try to make up for the capacity gap at any establishment that does reopen.


1. Jimbro - May 23, 2020

Hopefully the majority of them survive. From what I’ve read about the businesses opening around here it’s been a major PITA to comply with the “guidelines” for safety. All it takes is one malcontent to narc them out and they’re facing a fine or loss of license.

2. Bunk Strutts - May 23, 2020

We are witnessing fascism in action. The despotic governors don’t remember what happened to Il Duce.

Love the graphs.

3. geoff - May 23, 2020

Should have pointed out that “Deaths Among COVID Cases” means that the deceased passed away with a COVID-19 infection, but not necessarily because of the infection. Probably a quarter of the cases shown are due to other causes, not COVID-19.

4. Cathy - May 24, 2020

Texas restaurants started the opening up at 25% restaurants several weeks ago. Now, restaurants are at 50% and bars can open at 25%. Should say that some places have not closed at all because of take out and curbside pickup. Some places aren’t yet opening because they simply can’t make the ‘required’ numbers work for their business plan, like the famous “Billy-Bob’s” in Fort Worth, a bar with live bands that seats thousands won’t be opening yet.

Establishments opening are doing good business. We’re blessed to have spring-summer weather and lots of places have outdoor dining, so tables and chairs can get spread out to meet requirements. big no-no indicators on the tables inside that weren’t to be occupied. Things seem cleaner and more organized. Hey! They’ve had time to work on all this with no customers, I guess.

Staff and customers are all treating each other kindly and gratefully. It’s cool to experience. I think we all missed each other. One of our favorite places got reported for some sort of rule-breaking. They got a warning, but no fine and no ‘punishment.’

Just talking about all this is… strange.

Blessings all. Enjoy what you can.

Meanwhile I hope more and more citizens are paying attention to their representatives in government showing their true colors in this crisis, and planning to vote in every election we have, especially the primaries.

5. Sobek - May 29, 2020

What do you think of Ft Collins?

6. geoff - May 30, 2020

From the little I’ve been able to see of it, I like it a lot. Lots of parks, large reservoir nearby, tons of restaurants, shops, and bars.

Nice little college town.

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