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Kneeling in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time June 4, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

Watching Drew Brees getting pilloried for saying that he didn’t approve of kneeling during the national anthem makes me unable to resist repeating myself on the topic. Here are my responses to common statements about the kneeling thing.

  • It’s Kaepernick’s right to protest. This is true, and nobody has ever questioned it. What we object to is the venue. NFL games are supposed to be apolitical so that everyone can enjoy them. Turning them into another yet political forum spoils the game. Hence my personal boycott for the last 4 seasons.
  • NFL games shouldn’t be left out of the fight against racism. Here’s the thing: racial healing is going to require an establishment of “normal” relationships between people of differing ethnicities. That’s exactly what sports viewing does. For a brief time everyone is focused on the game and the athletes, and racial boundaries are breached by fandom. We need more venues like that, not fewer.
  • Kneeling is about racism, not about disrespecting veterans, etc. Regardless of Kaepernick’s intentions, kneeling during the national anthem projects more than an anti-racism message. It’s a rejection of the entirety of American society, history, and values.

Racism is a constant topic in TV shows, movies, literature, news, schools, politics, etc., so we’re already immersed in the discussion. That immersion has made it impossible for people of different races to relax around one another, emphasizing racial friction rather than reducing it. So the racism cottage industry is actually perpetuating and exacerbating the problem. Which I’m sure they don’t mind.


1. Jimbro - June 4, 2020

Well stated Geoff. Kaepernick can protest on his own time. Saying he can protest on his employer’s dime is the same as saying anyone can protest while working and face no repercussions.

2. Retired Geezer - June 4, 2020

I haven’t seen a game for four years also.

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