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Chop CHOP June 25, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

I was wondering when the businesses and residents of the CHOP-zone in Seattle would get more vocal on how they’d been abandoned by the city. It took them two and a half weeks, but they finally sued the city:

…this lawsuit is about the constitutional and other legal rights of Plaintiffs—businesses, employees, and residents in and around CHOP—which have been overrun by the City of Seattle’s unprecedented decision to abandon and close off an entire city neighborhood, leaving it unchecked by the police, unserved by fire and emergency health services, and inaccessible to the public at large.

That useless Mayor Durkan kept blathering on about the concerns of the protestors, all the while ignoring the fact that her constituents were being denied their rights to vote to choose their government.

I would think the federal government would have a Civil Rights case against the city and the mayor in particular.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit may be moot because CHOP is starting to dissolve:

The de facto leader of the autonomous protest zone in Seattle said Wednesday “a lot of people have already” left the area, days after the mayor said she was going to persuade people to leave.

A statement from a Twitter account that claims to be associated with the protest zone — known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), or Capitol Hill Organized Protest — said that “few people remain in our beloved CHOP.”

The statement, signed by “The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Solidarity Committee,” added that “the CHOP project is now concluded.”

Congrats to the residents and businesses of Capitol Hill for finally being restored as citizens of the United States.


1. Jimbro - June 25, 2020

Who will harvest the CHAZ/CHOP garden?

2. lauraw - June 26, 2020

Oh, the “project is now concluded”? Are you sure that’s the most accurate way to phrase things? How about, “Everybody who lives here hates our guts and they’ve recently stopped taking our shit?”

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