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Red crossbills June 28, 2020

Posted by Sobek in News.


These weirdos are in the finch family.  It’s pretty cool to watch them use their strange beaks to get inside of pinecones.


1. drketedc - June 29, 2020

We have those birds at our feeders in Bailey, Colorado. Unusual and pretty . I had to look them up in my trusty book when I first saw them.

2. Sobek - June 29, 2020

Unusual, yes. I didn’t like the beaks at first, but they’ve grown on me.

3. geoff - June 29, 2020

– imagines beaks growing on Sobek –

You’d be a crossbill croc.

4. Retired Geezer - June 29, 2020

I’m thinking if Sobek’s Male Gigolo gig doesn’t work out, he can draw pictures for sweet sweet moolah.

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