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Dems Forget What’s Important July 29, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

It used to be almost axiomatic that policy-makers would protect their tax-paying citizenry. It was obvious: the whole system falls apart if taxpayers can’t go about their business and lives with confidence that the government will ensure their safety, protect their assets, and allow them to express their policy preferences via the voting process.

But the Democrats seem to have forgotten about the importance of the taxpayer. They’ve abandoned businesses (and their employees) in cities with rioting; in fact, they haven’t even expressed any empathy with those businesses. They’ve left residents unprotected in the CHAZ/CHOP anarchy zone, and routinely allow protesters/rioters to block traffic on major thoroughfares.

It’s ridiculous that they’ve magnified the tiny number of police shootings of unarmed blacks to an issue that supersedes the Social Contract that has been the rationale for our government for almost 250 years. And it’s sad that they don’t realize that they are undermining the reason for their existence in the spheres of politics and governance.

I can only hope that they wake up and develop an awareness that if they’re not meeting the fundamental security needs of the median taxpayer, the taxpayer is also going to stop participating in the Social Contract.

If the government refuses to protect their families, properties, and businesses; if the government refuses to protect their ability to use the roads that they paid for; if the government refuses to protect their right of free speech; if the government refuses to protect the integrity of their vote; . . .

. . . well, then the government shouldn’t be surprised if the taxpayer rebels.


1. Jimbro - July 29, 2020

Well put

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