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COVID-19 Update: Through 7/19/2020 July 20, 2020

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Here’s the updated COVID-19 casualty chart for the US:


New Post July 20, 2020

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Honestly, not a big fan of seeing Transgender Pence when I open this page.

Here’s a chart:


I like how’s there are trendlines and data and whatnot.

A Modest Proposal for Pence and Xyr Gender July 18, 2020

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Gad I’m terrible at this InsertFace app

As Joe Biden and his team approach the final decision date regarding his running mate, we’re all pretty sure that it will be a minority woman. How can the Trump/Pence team compete with this wokity?

I think it’s time for Vice President Pence to take one for the team.

The only way to one-up Joe Biden’s VP selection is to have a trans person as Trump’s running mate. And who better to be that trans person than the current VP? We’ve had a minority presidential candidate before, and we’ve had a female presidential candidate before, but we’ve never had a trans candidate for the presidential or vice-presidential slots. The GOP would crush the DNC’s wokedness.

This would also allay the LGBQT*.* community’s fears that Pence is hostile to their interests.

It’s a win/win, even for Pence. Now he can dine with anybody without needing his wife to be present, and it doubles the number of bathrooms he can use.

Our Magnificent Insignificance July 18, 2020

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Saw this old (2013) photo of the earth as viewed from Saturn over at The Hostages, and it kind of made the bottom of my stomach drop out. Just seeing what a tiny little speck we are in our tiny speck of a solar system in a tiny speck of a galaxy in a universe of 2 trillion galaxies.


When I see that I think, “No Lives Matter.”

No Can Do July 18, 2020

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I’ll see Sobek his cover and raise him this oldish Darryl Hall version of I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do). I hadn’t heard about this until recently, but apparently Darryl Hall has been remaking his old songs with new artists and putting them up on the internet. And all from his home.

Daryl Hall started Live From Daryl’s House, the free monthly web show in late 2007, after having the idea of “playing with my friends and putting it up on the Internet,” and the show has since garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone, SPIN, Daily Variety, CNN, BBC, Yahoo! Music and influential blogger Bob Lefsetz, who cited Live From Daryl’s House as a perfect example of a veteran artist reinventing himself in the digital age by collaborating with both established colleagues and newer performers.

Anyway, I dug this version of the old classic (though this remake itself is now 10 years old):

Everlong July 17, 2020

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Here’s Rick Astley doing a cover of Everlong, by the Foo Fighters:

Cool cover by a cool guy.  I’ve always liked Never Gonna Give You Up, unironically.  It’s a genuinely good song.


COVID-19 Update: Through 7/16/2020 July 17, 2020

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At least the numbers aren’t skyrocketing:


I’ll Smell What She’s Having July 16, 2020

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This needs sound on and should be considered Not Pleasant for Work. But otherwise pretty funny in a sophomoric (my sweet spot) way:

Ilhan Omar Pours Money Into Useless Husband’s Gaping Maw July 16, 2020

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The Washington Beacon points out that Ilhan Omar’s nepotistic use of her new husband’s consulting firm has new exceeded $1 million.

Ilhan Omar’s Payments to Husband’s Firm Hit $1 Million in 2020 Cycle

What cracked me up, though, was that she paid him $228K for “digital and fundraising services” last quarter. How did that fundraising go?

They pulled in only $471K last quarter.

So they only brought in $2 for every dollar she spent on her husband (why hasn’t he been fired?). And he’s not the only vendor she pays. (She spent $684K last quarter, BTW)

Sure seems like she’s feathering her nest with her husband because she knows her candidacy is dead.

The Smithsonian Whiteness Chart July 16, 2020

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There’s much ado over the Smithsonian’s chart talking about characteristics of white culture, or “whiteness.” Here’s the chart:

I think the chart is largely accurate* and pretty interesting. Having grown up with all these assumptions of how things should be (and having tried to pass those values to my children), it’s interesting to consider what the alternatives might be.

But there I’m stuck, because the alternatives I think of are universally awful and incohesive.  Other authors have said similar things, so I’ll leave it to them to pick at the specifics.

Because, the thing I found most interesting about the graphic was that it was derived from a chart created in 1990 by Judith Katz. Here’s that original chart:

So we’ve been living with this whiteness stuff for a long, long time. When we used to protest against political correctness back in the 80’s and 90’s, there was always an undercurrent of, “Well, at least most people won’t take this seriously.” What we didn’t realize was that it would be taught in our schools as fact – that these were the characteristics of white culture and that they are bad.

After a couple of generations of this messaging in our schools, kids now accept this as being obvious: white culture is bad. Irredeemably bad. But note that white kids are not allowed to appropriate other cultures. That leaves them lost and vulnerable, with no cultural foundation to ground them. No wonder they’re addicted to social media and completely on board with rioting.

What, then, do the anti-whiteness folk think is the ideal society? Black Lives Matters gives us at least a hint with their promotion of socialism and the “it takes a village” notion of family. Yay.

As for the individual? Well, you can express your individuality through dress, body mods, and hair styles. But you can’t diverge from the mainstream in thought, speech, or achievement.

Because that would make you white.

*I’d take issue with a few statements, like “Win at all costs,” “Wealth=worth,” and “Women’s beauty based on blond…” One of my least favorites is: “Individuals assumed to be in control of their environment,” which should be “Life is hard and individuals have to struggle to swim against the stream, but if you swim hard and smart, with a little luck you may get to the shore of success.” Maybe a different metaphor, though.

(Most of) Oklahoma is Still an Indian Reservation July 14, 2020

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Just a quick note on this, rather than a full discussion of the recent Supreme Court ruling that eastern Oklahoma is still an Indian Reservation, such that major criminal proceedings involving Natives belong in federal court, rather than state court.

My note is this: Justice Gorsuch, writing for the majority, got the four liberals to agree with this sentence:

Likewise, courts have no proper role in the adjustment of reservation boundaries.  Mustering the broad social consensus required to pass new legislation is a deliberately hard business under our Constitution.  Faced with this daunting task, Congress sometimes might wish an inconvenient reservation would simply disappear.  Short of that, legislators might seek to pass laws that tiptoe to the edge of disestablishment and hope that judges – facing no possibility of electoral consequences themselves – will deliver the final push.  But wishes don’t make for laws, and saving the political branches the embarrassment of disestablishing a reservation is not one of our constitutionally assigned prerogatives.

If I thought that any of those four actually believed in this sentiment – that the Supreme Court doesn’t get to step into the shoes of the legislature and give statutes a friendly nudge – I’d say that was a really big deal. As it is, I don’t believe they believe in any Constitutional principal other than their own power to say what the law is.


Cuomo’s Ridiculous Victory Lap July 14, 2020

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So I hear the Dems, and Governor Cuomo in particular, are getting all braggy about New York’s recent drop in COVID-19 deaths. It is indeed good news for New York, but so far as the claims that Cuomo’s leadership should be held up as an example for the country?

I refute them thus:


Considering that New Jersey’s and Connecticut’s casualties are a direct result of their proximity to New York, and remembering that New York “seeded the wave of US outbreaks,” I don’t think Cuomo’s piehole should open any farther than is necessary to say, “I’m really, really, really sorry.”

Note that for all the hand-wringing about Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California, their casualties are still a small fraction of NJ’s and NY’s.