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Ants on a Blog August 15, 2020

Posted by Sobek in News.




1. Jimbro - August 16, 2020

You don’t need to be a clairvoy-ant to see who the new perman-ant ten-ants are around here.

2. Jimbro - August 16, 2020

Hopefully we can avoid the milit-ant faction of ANT-ifa with their BAM demands

3. Sobek - August 16, 2020

Enough of these antics, you miscreant.

4. lauraw - August 16, 2020

That is a tremendous Dad joke. I bet your kids’ eyes are permanently rolled up to the top.

5. Sobek - August 16, 2020

They dig my dad jokes.

6. lauraw - August 17, 2020


7. Sobek - August 17, 2020

That’s it, go to your room. And don’t think for a second that you get to bring your phone in there with you.

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