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Throwback Thursday August 20, 2020

Posted by skinbad in Heroes, Man Laws.

I was trying to explain this to a couple of my kids a few days ago and it took me a little searching to find them. I’m glad they’re still out there. I wonder if the people behind ad campaigns like this are appreciated by their peers a few years down the road. I hope so.


1. Jimbro - August 20, 2020

Intensely focus-grouped ad aimed at single women in their 30’s and desperate housewives. And gay dudes I suppose. NTTAWWT.

2. lauraw - August 20, 2020

If you go to the brawny paper towel brand website and search, the videos are no longer there. But if you click the ‘explore’ tab at the top of the page, one of the items on the drop down menu is ‘strength has no gender.’ Bleargh.

3. geoff - August 23, 2020

Just realized that this was a post by skinbad.!?!

Next thing you know lw will put up something.

4. lauraw - August 23, 2020

*skulks out*

5. drketedc - August 24, 2020

Creepy and hilarious.

6. Sobek - August 24, 2020

I frequently build armoires to surprise the woman I love. I assumed all guys did that.

7. Sobek - August 24, 2020
8. lauraw - August 24, 2020

The armoires get to piling up after a while. Not complaining.

9. Ben Jones - November 17, 2020

Thank you for posting these videos. I think he should be on more commercials.

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