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Entertaining Riotous Conspiracy Thoughts August 26, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

Seems like for riots to persist this long you have to have a combination of:

  • A sympathetic local (and national) media
  • Anti-police mayor & city council
  • A DA who refuses to prosecute arrested rioters

Kind of wonder if some of the cities (where a police shooting of a black person didn’t happen) were handpicked for having the right combination.


1. Sobek - August 26, 2020

And a populace that can’t or won’t intervene, in the absence of law enforcement.

2. Jimbro - August 27, 2020

You’d need to include the local PD in the mix which tells me it was more likely to be chance with the malice coming in to the fertile ground (as outlined above) on prearranged charter buses only after the fact

3. geoff - August 27, 2020

In the cases of Seattle and Portland (as well as others), the police were willing to enforce the law and quell the disturbances, but were hamstrung by guidelines from city management. Hence the resignation of the Seattle police chief, who was the only rational voice coming out of that city.

4. geoff - August 28, 2020

I guess you’d also need the support, or at least non-interference, of the Dems’ national leadership.

5. Sobek - August 28, 2020

I don’t think the DNC could stop the riots even if they wanted. I’ve heard too many people saying words to the effect of “Biden sucks but we need to vote for him anyway.” If that’s the genuine sentiment, then Biden can’t really talk them out of what they want to do.

6. geoff - August 28, 2020

I’m thinking more of Pelosi leaning on the mayors and governors to get them to do their frickin’ jobs. Since she didn’t do that, she gets to be part of my conspiracy theory.

7. Sobek - August 28, 2020

That makes sense.

And the video of Kamala Harris a few months ago, smiling ghoulishly about how the riots should continue, is chilling. Human lives mean nothing to her.

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