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Terror Slithers Towards Us September 13, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

Sad to think that government regulation of toilet technology has brought us the much-loathed low-flush toilet, when what we really, really, really need is:

Snake-Proof Toilets

Because even though this story happened in Thailand, I’m thinking I’ll no longer be able to completely relax on the john.

A Thai teen lived out every man’s worst nightmare after a snake sunk its fangs into his penis while he was on the john.

Masukarat recalls watching smartphone videos on the toilet when all of sudden he felt a searing pain in his nether region. The university student looked down to discover a nightmarish sight — a 4-foot python with its jaws clamped around the tip of his penis.

I’ve heard other “snake in the toilet” stories over the years, so the threat is real and consistent, and at least as pressing as dealing with the North Korean missile situation.

Yet I don’t see this issue on any of the political parties’ agendas.


1. Sobek - September 13, 2020

I’d rather not have known about any of this.

2. skinbad - September 13, 2020

Hearing Trump and Biden debate what should be done about this would make all of 2020 worth it.

3. mesablue - September 13, 2020

MSNBC — Covid kills penis boy in Taiwan!

Taiwan, Thailand….can’y ask the interns to know the difference between actual countries they’ve never heard of…

4. mesablue - September 13, 2020

I found my IB sweat shirt from the shoot em up!

5. lauraw - September 14, 2020


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