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Something Differenter September 23, 2020

Posted by Sobek in News.


1. Jimbro - September 23, 2020

You need the zoom feature on this blog.

We paid extra for it at the H2, you really ought to open the IB Wallet and get it!

2. Sobek - September 23, 2020

You can’t zoom in?

3. wiserbud - September 25, 2020


No nuts?

4. pajama momma - September 25, 2020

You mad he drew your likeness so perfectly wiser?

5. wiserbud - September 25, 2020

Did you know that quokkas will toss their children out to distract their predators while they run away?

They learned that trick from PJ Momma.

6. geoff - September 25, 2020

wiserbud AND PJM?

*gets out the mop and bucket*

7. wiserbud - September 25, 2020

It’s been years. I’ve matured. I promise I won’t make a mess.

I doubt PJ can make the same promise…..

8. wiserbud - September 25, 2020

We can still make dad jokes and puns here, right?

9. geoff - September 25, 2020

Well . . . if laura’s not around.

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