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Art Restoration, Spanish Style November 12, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

Spain seems to have it in for art, with amateur restorers creating laugh-out-loud abominations.

You all remember the butchery inflicted upon Ecce Homo back in 2012:

This was followed by 2 attempts to restore a painting of the Virgin Mary in June of this year:

The latest involved a statue in Palencia:

But all of these works are so derivative, considering that Mr. Bean first forged the creative pathway in this field some 23 years ago:


1. Jimbro - November 12, 2020

Old Art becomes New Art

Who’s to say what’s art anyway?

2. pajama momma - November 12, 2020

haha I’m pretty sure that statue is the reincarnation of Mr. Bill

3. lauraw - November 12, 2020

People need to vet these restorers better.

4. Sobek - November 12, 2020

And both pieces are way more famous than they otherwise would have been, so i guess that’s something to consider.

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