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Yet Another Hiatus December 19, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

Every so often I decide I’ve had enough and I swear to stop blogging forevermore. After a few months I’ve always gotten the bug again, and slunk back into the blogosphere. That usually lasts a year or two, and then I start the swearing process again.

This year 2020+personal stuff just took it out of me, so let the swearing begin.

As always, I invite the 5 – 10 co-authors on this site to step up and keep things rolling.


1. geoff - December 19, 2020

Should also mention that I took my old blog (Uncommon Misconceptions) off the internet, so that email address no longer works.

2. Sobek - December 19, 2020

Remember the huge traffic and commenting spike we had when we all decided to retire at the same time? We should do that like once a week.

3. lauraw - December 19, 2020

*skulks around*

4. Stine Writing - December 19, 2020

Why do you want to stop blogging forever?

5. Pupster - December 20, 2020
6. vaitguy - December 26, 2020

Lurker survey-Where and when do I visit the IB?

Every witty headline that comes across my bow, every chart, sketch by Sobek, and every Friday. Because that big fat link that says H2.

Trying to encourage you Geoff.

7. Bunk Strutts - December 27, 2020

Merry Christmas to all from another lurker who is proud to have his blog listed under the heading of Fake Internet Friends. May God save your dark souls.
And mine.

8. Tammera Gugerty - January 18, 2021


9. Pupster - January 18, 2021

Take your time.

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