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Memey Christmas December 24, 2020

Posted by Pupster in Ducks, Godzilla, Lurkers, slutbags, Stupid shit, WTF?.


















1. Pupster - December 24, 2020

Hidee-ho IBers, and Happy Christmas Eve.

I do weekly posts about bewbs and memes mostly over at The Hostages , so I thought I’d strip out the more wholesome Christmas memes for y’all to try out.

2. Jimbro - December 24, 2020

The More The Meme-ier!

3. Pupster - December 24, 2020
4. jam2 - December 24, 2020

This could be the beginning of a hostage takeover.

5. lauraw - December 24, 2020

Are you saying this site is wholesome? I seem to remember some fairly unwholesome content back in the day…
and boobs.

6. Pupster - December 25, 2020

Wholesome as in full of holes, yes.

7. skinbad - December 25, 2020

I thought I would wish you all a Merry Christmas with a post, but the dashboard seems to be frozen all day. It just doesn’t respond. So, “Merry Christmas,” anyway. I’ll check it tomorrow.

8. Bunk Strutts - December 29, 2020

While we’re waiting, a friend posted three short videos on poached eggs. One has a cat in it. Any takers?

9. Bunk Strutts - December 29, 2020

Here’s the 1st one. It’s kind of a prequel.

10. Bunk Strutts - December 29, 2020

This one has cool special effects.

11. Bunk Strutts - December 29, 2020

The finale: Be sure to click “like”.

12. lauraw - December 31, 2020

The car chase scene was pretty intense

13. lauraw - December 31, 2020

Although I feel the nudity, violence, and nude violence was gratuitous and over-the-top.

14. Sobek - January 1, 2021

Happy whatever holiday we just had, y’all.

15. Bunk Strutts - January 4, 2021

Tuned into Sean Hannity for his first show of the year. Turned it off after 20 minutes – it’s a rerun.

lauraw – I should have put a NSFK / NSFK warning on those. Sorry.

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