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Not So Far Removed from 1776 March 5, 2021

Posted by geoff in News.

I’ve been trying to limit my intake of current events, because I’m too angry about what’s been going on for the past year. But I am weak, so I was reading today’s Morning Rant over at AoSHQ. In the rant he talks about the Dems’ prospective changes to voting laws. Here’s a snippet of the rant:

What about illegal aliens, excuse me, undocumented immigrants? I’m glad you asked. If they try to vote, they’re protected from any consequences. Or if they are erroneously allowed to vote, they’re Also protected from any consequences.

There will also be nationwide same day registration.

They’ll be a boatload of new restrictions on the ability of states to remove ineligible voters from the rolls.

There are provisions regarding registering minors to vote. It effectively lowers the voting age to 16.

States aren’t allowed to ask for voter ID, not even for absentee ballots

Mandating that states allow ballot harvesting.

So my vote is not worth any more than any non-citizen who may not even be residing in the country. Might as well open our elections to the entire world.

The devaluing of my vote is accompanied by Biden’s plans to raise taxes (which we pay for either directly or through increased prices/decreased services). This creates a wonderful vicious circle:

  • Raise taxes
  • Improve benefits for illegal immigrants with tax money
  • Incentivized, more illegal immigrants pour in
  • geoff’s vote is further devalued
  • Dems dominate elections, having essentially paid off the immigrants to do the voting that Americans won’t do
  • And, deciding they need new incentives for their voting bloc, they raise taxes

Making me pay so that my vote can be diminished reminds me of an old, old battle cry:

No taxation without representation!


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