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Cattle Dogs load Bulls April 15, 2021

Posted by Retired Geezer in News.

We have had Blue Heelers in the past, they are very focused but These Border Collies are INTENSE!


1. Bunk Strutts - April 15, 2021

Speaking of bull and what comes out of one, you may have noticed that WordPress nuked “Classic Mode” and wants you to pay to get it back. I found some hacks to get around that god-awful Gutenberg Editor that everyone hates. No downloads needed.

WordPress Nuked “Classic Editor” (UPDATED)

2. Jimbro - April 16, 2021

Your post title had me anticipating some ACD’s! Border Collies are a great breed of working dog as well. I’ve had both and am currently up 3 heelers.


These dogs are living the dream and performing way more work than my frisbee and tennis ball chasers

3. lumps - April 16, 2021

Simply amazing to me. So smart. I love when he tells individual dogs to act in a specific way.

4. Pupster - April 17, 2021

Very cool.

Hey Bunks, I’ve been learning to live with the block editor for a couple of weeks now, I start by inserting a “classic” block, it is not the same but close. Most of my posts have a lot of pictures, and I’ve found that you can paste an image into a “photo” block one after another and it will size them correctly for the borders of your reading pane.

5. Bunk X - April 17, 2021

Pupster – After playing with the Gutenberg Editor, I get what it does, but it’s less flexible than Classic, and I’m constantly flipping back and forth from edit to preview to check the layout. It takes me twice as long to throw something together. Had WordPress offered Classic for a small fee, say $20/yr., they’d make a lot more clams.

6. Batraquomancical Hot Links | Tacky Raccoons - May 9, 2021

[…] Dogs loading bulls [via]. […]

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