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Fauci’s Near-Sighted COVID-19 Guidance May 26, 2021

Posted by geoff in News.

I think we* all understand that the “sure-safe” lockdown recommendations of the medical establishment have to be tempered by consideration of the impact on the economy and the stability of the country. So when Fauci opines on a subject and the media takes it as gospel, vilifying any leaders who deviate from his guidance, we know they’re being naive idiots.

But what I don’t get is why the media hasn’t taken Fauci to task over his failure to even give balanced health recommendations. Critics have pointed out throughout the pandemic that there are serious physical and mental health issues associated with the lockdown strategy, but Fauci has ignored all of those, acting as though the only health consideration is COVID.

Now we see the fallout, with mental health issues due to extended isolation, aggravation of health conditions due to deferred medical treatment, and widespread weight gain. Some have estimated that people gained 29 lbs on average, which would push the formerly marginally-obese average American well into the obese range. Which in turn makes them more vulnerable to COVID-19.

You’d think the media would ask the question: “How did you try to optimize the total health of Americans when you created your COVID response strategies?”

But they won’t because he didn’t.

And we are left with the horrible consequences of his myopic strategy.

*We who value and practice logic & reason.


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