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Elis’ Lies October 14, 2021

Posted by geoff in News.

Via Instapundit (I think, but now I can’t find the reference), we find this summary of the findings of a recent COVID-19 study on COVID-19 severity in fully-vaccinated patients:

Hyung Chun, senior author on the study, says the vast majority of fully vaccinated patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 experience very mild disease. …

Importantly, this particular study spans a period of time before the Delta variant became predominant in the United States. Chun says is unclear at this stage whether Delta leads to more severe breakthrough infections.

“It’s clear that the vaccines are highly effective, and without them we would be facing a much deadlier pandemic,” says Chun.

Seems pretty definitive: the “vast majority” of the fully vaccinated had mild symptoms. Just to help our understanding, let’s take a look at the handy graphic they supplied in their supplementary materials:

So 25 out of 54 patients experienced moderate disease or worse.

Turns out that at Yale, a “vast majority” is 54%. Which, given their tiny sample size, is the same as even odds.

And this is when the vaccines were at their best (i.e., freshly administered and pre-Delta).

They had another interesting graphic. Guess which vaccine sucked the most?

Oh yeah, that’d be Pfizer, whose effectiveness fades faster than Moderna’s, so you need a booster at 6 months.


1. geoff - October 14, 2021

Not sure if “Elis” should be “Eli’s.” I’ll gladly accept any inputs on the proper form.

2. geoff - October 14, 2021

In case y’all don’t do crosswords, where “Eli” is used all the time, “Eli” refers to a Yale alum, since Yale was founded by Elihu Yale.

So the title of the post is pronounced “E-lies lies,” not “Ellis lies.”

3. Jimbro - October 14, 2021

I read the title quickly and I thought it was Elvis’ Lies and was waiting for some old gossip on The King

4. Mr. Matamoros - October 14, 2021

My company, which is a gov’t contactor, is asking if we’ve all been jabbed. No pressure here to get vacciminated. /s

5. Jay in Ames - October 15, 2021

wow, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder, isn’t it? 54% of viewers say YES! Overwhelming support!

6. See-dubya - November 3, 2021

I got the Sex Panther injection. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.

7. geoff - November 4, 2021

But how do you smell?

8. See-Dubya - November 4, 2021

Stings the nostrils.

9. lumps - November 4, 2021


*crumples to the ground*

10. skinbad - November 5, 2021

Sex Panther should work sixty-nine percent of the time.

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