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Pfizer Loses Again October 17, 2021

Posted by geoff in News.

A study comparing antibody response due to COVID-19 vaccines came out a couple of days ago. They looked at antibody response over time for the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Here are the measurements from the study (Figure 1 from the link):

The left-hand data are for Pfizer, the middle are for Moderna, the right-hand are for J&J. Over the 8-month study period, Pfizer went from 1789 to 53, Moderna went from 5848 to 133, and J&J went from 146 to 629(!).

So Pfizer is the worst of the 3, and J&J is the best. While the two mRNA vaccines drop precipitously, the J&J vaccine’s antibody response is actually increasing over time.

The need for a J&J booster isn’t obvious, at least from this study, but the experts say that the 2nd J&J shot cranks up the effectiveness of the vaccine to 94% – in line with the mRNA vaccines’ initial effectiveness.

All I can say is, based on this data and the breakthrough severity data that was posted 3 days ago, I don’t think I’d pick Pfizer’s vaccine at this point.


1. Mitchell - October 20, 2021

Yeah, that’s the one I got. Dad got Moderna. I regret getting The Shot these days. I will not get a “booster”.

2. Mr. Matamoros - October 24, 2021

I keep seeing in the news that the Pfizer jab is “the bestest evar!” and you should get moar jabs! I got the J&J jab myself (one and done) or so I thought…

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