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Day 4 of the ‘Cron December 29, 2021

Posted by geoff in News.

My brother the doctah gifted me with a case of the Omicron variant on Christmas Eve. I started feeling it a couple of days later, and by Monday I was enjoying the full onslaught.

Which, for an onslaught, has been pretty unimpressive. I’d rather have this than the flu, actually. The thing that has struck me about Omicron is that it gives you a day where you feel pretty good, and then comes back the next day making you feel like a truck hit you.

…as opposed to the flu, where “Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy.”

So thus far I’m kind of pleased with getting infected, presuming that it gives me some sort of immunity henceforth. Small price to pay. In fact, while this is lasting longer, the peak discomfort was worse with the 2nd Moderna shot than with Omicron.

Everybody seems to be getting it – it’s the latest craze. My brother said 20 doctors in his group got it, and my realtor said they shut down their office after 5 people got it.

I hope everybody else’s experience is as mild as mine has been.


1. Jimbro - December 29, 2021

Hopefully you’re getting ice cream as part of your therapy

2. vaitguy - December 29, 2021

Milder than the common cold! was our experience between trip to upstate NY and SW VA. We’re q-ing for five days then anyone with symptoms will mask-up until it’s clear.

3. geoff - December 30, 2021

Day 5: Woke up feeling crappy, but it’s getting better as the day wears on.

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