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In Appreciation of the Great Work by Biden and Fauci May 22, 2022

Posted by geoff in News.

We’ve had 16 months of “grownups in the White House,” so naturally all of our previous problems have been solved. Take, for example, the COVID-19 situation (basic chart downloaded from the CDC):

You can immediately see the benefits of a steady hand on the tiller. And thank God somebody’s actually listening to Dr. Fauci! You can see how quickly things improved once the administration faithfully followed his recommendations.

But seriously, given the prior experience, availability of vaccines (for what they’re worth), and the emergence of a dominant strain with markedly reduced lethality, it’s stunning that Biden/Fauci have performed as poorly as they have.


1. skinbad - May 22, 2022

Thank God for his leadership.

2. geoff - May 22, 2022

Especially galling since Trump was villainized by Pelosi et al. for trying to get the economy going again.

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