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Sad Decline in Elementary Students’ Test Scores September 25, 2022

Posted by geoff in News.

If you were wondering how the pandemic and the recent emphasis on critical race theory/non-binary genders is affecting core academic performance of elementary school students, wonder no further. Chalkbeat has a chart for you:

This data was for 9 year-olds (4th Grade). The assessments are on a scale of 0-500, by the way, indicating that we’re nowhere near peak academic performance.

Personally I haven’t seen the rise in math proficiency that they claim here – kids today seem feeble compared to kids in my youth. But presuming that the improvements are real, it’s sad to see them leveling off in 2008 and then declining from 2012 onward. The latter is presumably due to the pandemic (thanks, Fauci!), but the former is, I suspect, due to the lack of time and energy available for core subjects.



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