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Tonight, Let it be Lowbrow September 29, 2022

Posted by skinbad in Personal Experiences, Stupid shit.

OK, slight interruption in the programming of intelligent, thoughtfully-parsed posts. Yesterday, I was walking with a colleague past a shelf displaying this book:

He stopped and said, “Hey, look at that author’s name. It’s ‘asking’.” I thought about it for a second and started laughing like Beavis because I thought he said “ass king.” He gave me a strange look and said, “Like, ‘asking’ a question?”

*Slight pause as my broken brain recalculated*

I said, “Of course; I get it.”


1. Jimbro - September 29, 2022

Ass Potatoes on the cover

2. skinbad - September 30, 2022

What lies beneath–some potatoes are best left alone. My son said he didn’t want to read a book called “Dig” by “Ass King.”

3. geoff - October 1, 2022

Looked up the book and at some site someone asked if there were any LGBTQ*.* characters in it. Someone responded that there were implications that the dad was bisexual.

And that made me think, perhaps unfairly, that the representation of the author’s name was deliberate.

Because they can’t have never heard that before, can they?

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