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Got the Monkey Off Our Back October 1, 2022

Posted by geoff in News.

Monkeypox looked like it was going to be our next big health crisis, until this happened:

Chart Screencapped From the CDC

How did it get turned around?

Well, seems like everyone in charge finally got their heads out of their hineys and decided to acknowledge that this was really a problem of, by, and for, the gay community:

You don’t get that kind of disease split among genders if heterosexual transmission is a real player. And you don’t see it concentrated in the ages between 20 and 45 if it’s an airborne virus.

So, a survey by the CDC in the first half of August found that half of gay men had throttled back on their promiscuity, and ouila! Disease starts fading away.

What didn’t happen is the stigmatizing and consequent increase in violence toward, and harassment of, gay men. That’s supposedly the big fear that the health administration had, which prevented them from being frank from the outset.

How much suffering of the gay community could have been avoided had they been open and honest from the beginning?


1. Jimbro - October 1, 2022

They’ve learned their lesson for the next plandemic

2. Bunk Strutts - October 1, 2022

3. jam2 - October 2, 2022

To paraphrase the documentary film maker will smith:
“Don’t bang one there won’t be one”

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