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Quick Media Reviews October 3, 2022

Posted by geoff in News.

Watched some stuff. Here are brief impressions:

The Terminal List. This is the Amazon mini-series that critics panned but fans loved. Rotten Tomatoes has it at something like a 35% rating among critics and 95% among the hoi polloi. Amazon has it at 4.5 stars, but almost everything at Amazon is 4.5 stars. They’ve got box office failures from the 80s and 90s at 4.5 stars. Anyway, back to the show.

I binged it in one sitting. Entertaining, but all the non-linearity in the story-telling couldn’t make up for a very linear, pretty predictable, plot. I’d say 3.75 stars.

Everything Everywhere All at Once. I love Michelle Yeoh, but this movie is a pointless, puerile mess. The theme seems to be: “If only you older people were more woke and wimpy, everything would be nice.” Fight scenes were meh. Two stars.

Uncharted. Dan Brown meets Spiderboy. Silly plot contrivances, but pretty imaginative action scenes. Didn’t ever feel the chemistry between Wahlberg and Spiderkid. 3.25 stars.

Jungle Cruise. I like the actors individually, but they never gelled as an ensemble. Flat dialogue. 2.5 stars.



1. geoff - October 3, 2022

OMG, just realized I can change the text color to solid black instead of that washed-out gray that is template’s default. Let me know if you like it – I sure do.

2. vaitguy - October 3, 2022

I have to disagree about the authenticity of Terminal List. Overall plot sucked, but the author/screenplay writer got the training down.

3. geoff - October 3, 2022

Yeah, I should have mentioned that the action and military scenes really carried the series, which is why I rated it the highest amongst the four entries.

4. Retired Geezer - October 3, 2022

I read the Terminal List book when it came out and couldn’t put it down. I think they did a great job bringing it to ‘the screen’.
I agree with your assessment of the other films and won’t bother seeing any of them.

I did not want to watch “A Man Called Ove” but I finally did. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve watched it a few times and enjoyed the book as well.

5. Jimbro - October 4, 2022

Season 2 of The Terminal List is reportedly in the works. At some point the protagonist will need to be cured of brain cancer or die from it with a second person assuming his role as principal badass

6. skinbad - October 4, 2022

My wife liked Terminal List. I haven’t tried it. We’ve been working our way through Smallville. Our kids watched it years ago, but we never saw it. It’s Clark Kent’s high school years and now he’s a reporter at the Daily Planet and is trying to figure out how to be Superman. 10 seasons-we have a couple yet to go.

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