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Reflation November 1, 2022

Posted by geoff in News.

By the way, that 0% month-to-month inflation that Biden was crowing about 2 and half months ago? Well gee golly, after that two-month respite prices started climbing again:

Only 5% annualized from August to September, but a far cry from the days of 2% inflation.



1. Jimbro - November 2, 2022

There are very few charts that show good news for this administration. Showing bad ones is like shooting fish in a barrel*. The real challenge is to find any charts showing what the average person would consider good news.

*never quite understood what would motivate someone to ruin a perfectly good barrel

2. geoff - November 2, 2022

There are very few charts that show good news for this administration.

Two and half months ago they claimed that this chart did, in fact, show good news for their administration, and Biden ran around for a couple of weeks telling all the media outlets that inflation was at 0%. Problem solved. Vote Democrat.

The data for September only came out a couple of weeks ago, showing that inflation was on the move again. Problem resumed. Administration’s complete lack of appreciation for fundamental economics re-verified. Absolutely do not vote Democrat.

Most conservative critics have pointed out that year-over-year inflation is still over 8%, but that doesn’t mean that inflation is happening right now. This chart says “Yep, prices are going up right now.”

So I think it’s an important chart. Plus, I’m willing to shoot every fish in the damn barrel. Over and over again. Just to make sure their gaslighting and in-your-face lying are exposed.

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