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Paid Advertisements Cloaked in Journalism November 20, 2022

Posted by geoff in News.

Modern-day journalism is a far cry from what, 40 years ago, we were taught that journalism should be. Take this article from Thursday, for example:

Woman who eats diet of bugs, mealworms and ants insists crickets taste ‘just like fried chicken’

…The 30-year-old (Joanne Techow -ed.), from Johannesburg, South Africa, says creepy crawlies – such as bugs, mealworms and ants – feature heavily in her diet and insists crickets taste ‘just like fried chicken.’

Joanne gets creative with how she eats them too, explaining that she sprinkles cricket power onto her salad, puts boiled mealworms on kiwis, enjoys chocolate covered silkworms and even eats insect tacos.

You go through the article hearing about all the bug variants Ms. Techow likes and dislikes, but nowhere in the article does it mention this relevant fact:

Ms. Techow is the CEO of Ensekta, which:

…was created to bring edible insects (entomophagy) to westernised cultures of South Africa as an environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy food source. We provide whole roasted insects, insect powders and baked insect foods! Live insects are also a possibility.

I had to look that up, but it was easy to find on LinkedIn. Seems like the “Assistant Lifestyle Editor” of UK Metro could have done the same, given that the subject of their article has a financial interest in bug-eating that just might influence their statements.

I realize that the article’s author is not a news reporter, but I had thought that basic principles of professionalism still applied. I guess that would be old school journalism, not modern activist journalism.



1. Jimbro - November 20, 2022

edible insects (entomophagy)
That term reminded me of coprophagy, the eating of feces.

Bugs – turds, what difference at this point does it make?

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