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When I’m Wrong, I’m Wrong January 21, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

Told my daughter a couple of years ago that, “There’s no way Joe Biden can make it two years in office. His mental decline will get to the point where they can’t cover for him anymore.”

Well, Joe Biden is still in office. And the press and his staff have done a man’s work in covering for his gaffes and (literal) stumbles.

I was absolutely wrong, but I don’t think by much . . .



1. jam2 - January 21, 2023

I’m guessing first week of second term or thereabouts.

2. Jimbro - January 21, 2023

Kamala, the ultimate insurance policy, has helped with his longevity

3. Jimbro - January 21, 2023

Only a few Hostages remain in the POTUS Resignation/Termination Pool run by MJ at the H2. The prize list is intriguing and includes a block of fat of unknown origin among other delights.

4. geoff - January 21, 2023

Yeah, Kamala has blown me away with how she has been unable to meet the already-low bar people had set for her performance. And her reduction of issues to the kindergarten level has been jaw dropping.

5. Bunk Strutts - January 22, 2023

I was wrong years ago whenever I uttered the words
“It can’t happen here.”

6. Nan G - January 25, 2023

People say Kamala could only run for President one time IF she inherited the presidency from joe before he finished 2 full years.
After that she can run twice.
Is it coincidence that he was turned on by media, pols, even his own staff once his 2 years were up?

7. geoff - January 25, 2023

Way to reduce my level of anxiety Nan.

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