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When Less is Way Less January 24, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

I’ve written before about my mystification at libs’ penchant for using any excuse to take off their clothes. From the previous post:

It seems like every time an issue comes up, liberals disrobe. Attention-getting? Sure, but for all the wrong reasons.

My take is that if you have to take off your clothes to get people to pay attention to your cause or issue, maybe your cause/issue aren’t that important. Maybe your arguments aren’t compelling, and playing “Strip Debate” isn’t going to help them.

Despite my kind counsel, they’re still at it:

Topless Women in Period-Blood Costumes Run Hog-Wild Through French Streets for Abortion

In this case, I think they do succeed in conveying a message beyond “Wow! Look at them boobs!!” And that message is: “Wow! These ladies are idiots!!”

You can decide for yourself at this link to video of the scene, provided purely for sociological research purposes.


1. skinbad - January 24, 2023

Aw, just let them run around until they’re tired. They’ll need a smoke break before long. Also, no fatties, blue hair, or trans dudes covered in blood–it hearkens back to the good old days of crazy feminists.

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