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Fanning Fears Over Extremist Murders February 25, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

Kanishka Singh is here to save the day by alerting you to the terrible threat of white supremacy:

White supremacists behind over 80% of extremism-related U.S. murders in 2022

Mass shootings in the United States accounted for most extremism-related fatalities last year in the country with over 80% of those murders committed by white supremacists, data released by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) showed on Thursday.

80%! There must be bodies everywhere!! How many victims were there last year!?!


Yes, I said 20.

What’s wrong with you, supremacist!?! It’s 20!!!

Out of the 19,472 homicides in the United States last year, 20 of them were due to white supremacist extremism!! That’s 0.1%!!

Clearly we need strong government intervention to prevent this senseless slaughter!


On a more serious note, obviously if the ADL is correct in attributing 20 murders to white supremacist extremism, they are tragic and the justice system should be exercised vigorously to make sure the perpetrators receive their just due. But this is exactly the type of pseudo-stat (with no statistical significance) that is used to hang a “Racist” sign around the necks of all white people.

And that’s racism on a far greater scale than Singh is worried about.


1. Jimbro - February 25, 2023

I just saw a headline about newspapers cancelling their run of the Dilbert comic strip as a result of its creator Scott Adams statements regarding the black/white divide.

No repercussions for the ADL though

2. geoff - February 25, 2023

Was considering writing a post about Scott Adams’ comments, but figured the whole planet would be on it pretty soon.

3. Bunk Strutts - February 26, 2023

And then there’s the comment section. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6TnAn7qV1s&t=816s

4. geoff - February 26, 2023

Read through the first fifty or so, and didn’t find any that resonated with me on either side. I sympathize with Adams’ frustration and weariness with the worsening of race relations, and with the notion of throwing in the towel, since there doesn’t seem to be a promising path forward.

But boy did he bring out the cockroaches with his video.

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