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It Seems Odd to Me… March 16, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

…that we’re supposed to drill down to the granular level of people’s gender preferences, yet it’s an insult to call trans people anything other than “man” or “woman.” For instance, we’re supposed to differentiate between “genderfluid,” “genderqueer,” “gendervoid,” and “graygender,” but if we call a man who transitioned into a woman anything but a woman, it’s off to HR and Cancellation Jail.

…that trans people need to be allowed to use the bathroom that makes them feel the most comfortable even if it makes many, many more people uncomfortable. Shouldn’t the welfare of the majority should take precedence?

…that being a victim grants you special authority to lecture and define policy for people who were smart enough or lucky enough to avoid being a victim. More sensibly, the non-victims should be lecturing victims on how to avoid calamities.

…that it hasn’t occurred to fans of reparations that the grantees will be reviled for all time if they actually get the money they want. It will permanently taint race relations.

…that I’ve never heard the NEA or any representative of teachers worry about declining test scores. If they care for their students to the extent they claim they do, you’d think they’d consider modifying the curriculum (like more time on the essentials and less time on social matters) to improve their students’ lot.

…that we still adhere to the tenet that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” when it’s impossible for any one person to ever have knowledge of all laws, or even the entire tax code. Seems like the size of the legal code and tax code should be limited to what a single person can apprehend.

…that when universities started coed dorms, and conservatives said, “Trouble brewing,” that liberals were outraged to find that sexual assaults were a problem. Same deal for the military. Of course, it didn’t help that the definition of “sexual assault” was expanded to include less severe offenses.

…that having “racism” redefined to mean prejudice by people in power (whites) over disenfranchised people (people of color), there is no longer a word for prejudice of people of color against white people.

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Inflation Continues Northward March 15, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.
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The inflation headlines have all been talking about how the latest inflation data shows that inflation is slowing. I’m not seeing it:

Looks like we had a hiatus from June to December, and then prices took off again.

[As always, this chart was downloaded from the St Louis Fed. Finally noticed that they had formatting options so I didn’t have to have those really wide charts.]

Avantgardey March 10, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

Japanese ensemble dance group that formed about a year ago and has been gaining in popularity recently. Kind of liked this little snippet, though the girls do remind me somewhat of Oompah-Loompahs.

Getting Woke, Kaiju-Style March 7, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

You know, I could actually get on board with this:

…though it’s an article of trans faith that there are 73 genders, it’s also often said that the fastest-growing gender subset is xenogender. You’re xenogender if you feel more akin to animals or plants or foods than humans. It’s funny, but it’s also frightening. There’s a girl on TikTok who explains very seriously that her gender is bird – a cardinal specifically, ey/em pronouns. And several people I’ve found identify as cake.

Xenogender? Xenoawesome, you mean, because you know how I’m going to get my xenogender on:

Sexism in PhD Awards March 4, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

I’ve made this point before, but it’s always good to update my uber-brilliant, startlingly insightful, cutting edge points with the latest data.

As we all know, progressives have cited under-representation of women graduating with advanced degrees as evidence that women are suppressed.

And they’re right! The number of women graduating with doctorate degrees is significantly smaller than men, despite being half the population (Census Bureau says 50.5%):

This has led to a slew of efforts to promote women’s education, particularly in the STEM fields. But those efforts are completely pointless and doomed to failure, because of this:

Yep, if you’re a US citizen, presumably born and raised in this here country (on the average), women are already getting more than their fair share of doctorate degrees. Which means it’s not our chauvinistic society that’s at fault . . .

. . . it’s them dang furriners.

So if you want to cure the disparity in PhD awards in US universities, there’s one simple fix:

Balance the male/female ratio of foreign admissions.

And stop yelling at men in America, where there hasn’t been a problem for more than a decade.

Top Gun Grounded March 2, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

I loved Top Gun: Maverick – bought it and watched it twice so far. It might even motivate me to get a bigger TV. But a lot of people have questioned the realism of the movie, particularly the dogfights and aerial maneuvers.

But there is one thing that is more unrealisitic than any of that, and that is “How were those F-18s ready to fly at all?”

“Whut?” you ask, “I can see them sitting right there on the tarmac and deck in the movie, ready to go. What’s the problem?”

Well, according to the Congressional Budget Office, those F-18s are only ready to fly about 40% of the time, down from the 60% availability when they were introduced into service. (Chart copied from CBO report)

That’s like taking a third of the F-18s out of service permanently.

The older F-18s (the C/Ds) aged more slowly, which the Navy attributes to increased corrosion due to the increased use of “composite metals.” I’m not sure what a composite metal is – when you’re talking metals you usually refer to metal alloys and composites refer to fiber/filler materials such as graphite epoxy.

The F-18s were designed for a 6000 hour service life, which, at their typical usage of 30 hours/month, should have given them an almost 17 year lifetime. They’re currently being refurbished by Boeing to extend that lifetime to 7500 hours initially and then 10,000 hours.

Here’s hoping that gets the aircraft availability back up to 60% before the next movie.