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Sexism in PhD Awards March 4, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

I’ve made this point before, but it’s always good to update my uber-brilliant, startlingly insightful, cutting edge points with the latest data.

As we all know, progressives have cited under-representation of women graduating with advanced degrees as evidence that women are suppressed.

And they’re right! The number of women graduating with doctorate degrees is significantly smaller than men, despite being half the population (Census Bureau says 50.5%):

This has led to a slew of efforts to promote women’s education, particularly in the STEM fields. But those efforts are completely pointless and doomed to failure, because of this:

Yep, if you’re a US citizen, presumably born and raised in this here country (on the average), women are already getting more than their fair share of doctorate degrees. Which means it’s not our chauvinistic society that’s at fault . . .

. . . it’s them dang furriners.

So if you want to cure the disparity in PhD awards in US universities, there’s one simple fix:

Balance the male/female ratio of foreign admissions.

And stop yelling at men in America, where there hasn’t been a problem for more than a decade.


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