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Getting Woke, Kaiju-Style March 7, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

You know, I could actually get on board with this:

…though it’s an article of trans faith that there are 73 genders, it’s also often said that the fastest-growing gender subset is xenogender. You’re xenogender if you feel more akin to animals or plants or foods than humans. It’s funny, but it’s also frightening. There’s a girl on TikTok who explains very seriously that her gender is bird – a cardinal specifically, ey/em pronouns. And several people I’ve found identify as cake.

Xenogender? Xenoawesome, you mean, because you know how I’m going to get my xenogender on:



1. vaitguy - March 7, 2023

When the tip of his tail points downward we know he’s on a mission!

2. Retired Geezer - March 7, 2023

Good catch, vaitguy. Is there some sort of manual for Godzillazens?

3. geoff - March 7, 2023

All I know is they like long walks through dense urban centers and breathing sweet atomic firebreath nothings into victims’ ears.

4. skinbad - March 8, 2023

When it’s pointing up he’s on a different kind of mission.

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