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Schrodinger’s Genitalia: If You Can’t See It, Is It Really There? May 8, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

I think I might have preferred jail time to having my lawyer use this defense:

A Xenia County judge in Ohio ruled that trans woman Rachel Glines did not commit indecent exposure in a female changing room after the defense argued that body fat covered the genitalia area.

When your body fat covers your genitalia, your sex or gender don’t matter. Just give up on the whole gender identification thing – you’re disqualified.


1. Jimbro - May 8, 2023

Pannus over penis wins every time it’s tried in a court of law

2. geoff - May 8, 2023

That was funny and clever once I looked up “pannus.”

You doctors and your arcane humor.

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